The silent Path toward a peaceful transition

The youth in every community are considered as the potential capital for the future and the fresh power of life. They have their dreams and aspirations, assume future perspectives and goals, which they endeavor to obtain.
The youth in Iran particularly in the course of the last couple of decades have demonstrated a strong wish and ability to become globalized, to be able to communicate with the entire world, take part in global debates, fashion, life style, arts and sciences in spite of the filtering implied on on-line communication in the country.
Iranian young population is particularly inflicted by unemployment and an inflation of astronomical dimensions, by a long time recession and many other demanding challenges. The international sanctions on the country have only deteriorated the situation in a way that has given way to mass migration of the younger population for whom it is difficult to imagine a plausible horizon for a future with family life, work and livelihood.
These facts have embarked a reaction within the young community of Iranians to strive for changing the present situation and its difficult course. The youth in Iran are generally multilingual, well educated and globally well oriented; and their endeavor therefore is to think differently about the fundamental values and the conventional ways of life, to redefine the questions of the time and to look for new resources, also unrecognized ones, in order to find or even create the answers. I believe this process has created new promises within the Iranian society as a whole for a transition from a traditional based society to a fully modern, globalized one.
Some sections of the society doom this phenomenal movement exorbitant, inflicted by Western values; they do their best to challenge it. I myself as a young man daily exposed to the absurdity of the situation greatly appreciate the historical momentum of this trend within the younger population; and this appreciation has become the motivation for beginning to register and document, in photography, this historical transition that can be the turning point of the recent history of this country.