Azad Amin, born in 1986.

I am an Iranian photographer based in Tehran-Iran. I have started working as a professional one since 2013  and have been working as a freelance photographer on a range of commissions and personal projects. I have worked in Iran, Bangladesh, India, Iraq, Armenia, Kurdistan, Turkey, and China. I am a member of the National Iranian Photographers’ home society. I have been working with different Iranian and international news agencies.

During these years, my works have been performed in different exhibitions in different countries. Some of my works have been published in different publications like Lemonde, Guardian, and the Rest of World and I also have won some international awards during these years like the winner of Lensculture emerging talent  Award in 2019, the finalist of International photography grant in 2020, winner of Human performance award (HPA) in 2015 and was nominated for the Joop Swart masterclass in 2018.